And the Winner is…

When it comes to Hollywood awards, some of the most creative in the business aren’t recognized at The Academy Awards, so the creative and technical fields hold their own awards to honor the genius of some of their own. We had the opportunity to produce a centerpiece design to complement the stage design of the Art Directors Guild Awards, held at the famous Beverly Hilton. From a color palette created by sponsor Kohler to drawings of the set design, we created a beautiful LED lighted centerpiece to bring the beauty of the set design right to the guests’ tables.


We loved how the centerpieces really brought the set design out into the guest seating!

IMG_5191 IMG_5203

Two different types of LED lights were used inside the vases to bring color and illumination to each centerpiece. There were three color themes, so that the space was cohesive, and yet had some beautiful differences too.

IMG_5201 Art Directors Guild Awards Collage1 IMG_5208

The gorgeous set design was done by Matt Tognacci, an Emmy Award winning Art Director. It was a fantastic collaboration to bring both the stage and the room to life.

Art Directors Guild Awards Collage2 IMG_5236

It was an incredible evening and we were thrilled to have the centerpiece design so well appreciated. We received a Thank You email the next day, with a photo attachment of a few “random guys” sitting in front of one of our centerpieces (You can see our business card in the reflection of the centerpiece base too!)…

ADG Random Guys