Jennifer Currier, Founder & Creative Director

Jen·ni·fer (jen-uh-fer)

n.  Soirée Founder & CEO, Designer, Artist, Momma, People person, Creative Spirit, Part-time client therapist and Full-time Chaos manager

As founder and CEO of Soirée, Jennifer possesses an undeniable talent for designing and coordinating unforgettable, world-class events. With over 15 years of  experience on Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Award Shows, Corporate Events and even Small Parties, Jennifer creates stunning designs, assembles the production teams, and expertly guides her clients through the process of creating their uniquely perfect event.   As a designer, Jennifer’s passion stems from Floral Design- having worked with many of Los Angeles’ high volume floral shops. Her boundless creativity gives her an ability to “think outside the box” and gives her clients something fresh and innovative.  -“Her passion for creating beautiful events, makes her one of the hardest working event designers in Los Angeles.”

Soiree Team About Us

The Soirée Girls, Production Team

Soi·rée Girls (swä-rā ɡərls)

n.  Soirée Production Team and Fashionistas

Our team of talented designers have a range of backgrounds from floral design, fashion, entertainment, coordination, graphic design and furniture building. Together, they make up the “Soiree Girls” and ensure that each event is planned and executed to perfection!