Valentine’s Day Inspiration


Oh Valentine’s Day…it may have a complicated place in many people’s hearts, but what cannot be denied is that it’s fun to love “Love”! I’m not a big fan of red (unless it’s a pair of heels or a lipstick) but I swoon over a palette of pinks and pastels.

I love the idea of creating an intimate celebration by pulling a few treats out into the yard, or setting them up picnic-style in a local park.  A bottle of French Rosé or a Strawberry lemonade, some crackers and cheese, and some beautiful blooms set the tone for romance.


Handmade Valentines don’t have to be difficult- it really is the thought that counts! Here, I created a super simple detail with our Silhouette Cameo machine, drawing inspiration from those cute little candy conversation hearts. Fold a piece of paper in half, cut a half-heart shape and then write your own sayings to your loved one or friend.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday, right? So maybe skip dinner entirely and just eat dessert? Could these little jam filled shortbread cookies and mousse cake from Trader Joe’s be any cuter?! Dessert is perfectly displayed on a white marble cake stand- found for a steal at Target.

Lastly, let’s talk flowers…

As a floral designer, I get carried away with flowers- especially in early spring when it’s easy to find a profusion of multi-hued ranunculus, spray roses, and parrot tulips. However, the cost of flowers skyrockets in the days before Valentine’s Day, so if you just can’t bring yourself to pay the inflated prices, cut a single bloom from the garden, float it in a bowl of water and enjoy a bit of nature without the high price tag. Or, even better, go crazy like I did- then, take a ton of pictures and enjoy your flowers all year long!

Whether you want to just treat yourself, change Valentine’s to Pal-entine’s, or go all in for the romance, have a lovely Valentine’s Day!




Linens: Linen Lenders

Flatware, Cheese board, Cake stand: Target

Flowers: (Moi) Soiree Event Design

Treats: Trader Joe’s